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We're Different

Most financial advisors are pretty much alike.  They offer the same "plain vanilla" investment management services, and charge the same 1% fee.  Not us.

Our portfolios are different.  Our fee structures are different.  Our background and experience is different.  And our business philosophy is different. 

What Sets Us Apart

Focus on client portfolio growth, not firm AUM growth. Our focus is on investment performance and planning value-added, not gathering assets. Success to us is doing a great job for the clients we already have, not getting new ones.

Asset-based fees as low as 0.50% available. Our objective is to add more value in returns that we charge in fees. So our portfolio management fees are scaled according to the alpha that we expect to earn, starting at .50% per year for our Custom Core Portfolios.

Clear performance benchmarks and detailed performance attribution. Our Custom Core Portfolios are managed relative to a benchmark fund or funds agreed upon with clients. Our quarterly performance reports clearly explain the risks taken and the returns that resulted.

Tax-smart investments and planning. We manage taxable investments to minimize taxes, with tax-smart asset placement and sophisticated tax-aware optimization software. With RightCapital® financial planning software, we can forecast your future earnings and taxes based on a variety of scenarios so together we can plan effectively.

Previous five-star mutual fund manager. Our Chief Investment Officer was awarded a five-star rating by Morningstar for a mutual fund that he managed. Only the top 10% of funds are awarded five stars.

Portfolios of over $10 billion managed. Our Chief Investment Officer spent most of his career as an institutional money manager at large organizations with sophisticated clients and very large portfolios. He has managed funds of over $10 billion.

Performance-based fee offered. For some of our strategies, we are willing to manage portfolios for no asset-based fee at all. Instead, for qualified clients, we offer a performance-based fee that further aligns our interests with those of our clients.