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The Sapient Investor

What Should I Do with My Treasury I-Bonds? Thumbnail

What Should I Do with My Treasury I-Bonds?

The inflation-adjusted yield for I-bonds is well below the real yield for the five-year TIPS bond. If you purchased I-bonds in the past, it is time to consider selling them and switching to TIPS.

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Why Invest Using ETFs? Thumbnail

Why Invest Using ETFs?

What are ETFs and why they are so popular? In short, they provide very inexpensive exposure to virtually any asset class or niche and are extremely tax efficient.

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What Should I Do with My Cash? Thumbnail

What Should I Do with My Cash?

Interest rates have moved up. A lot. But most banks and brokers are still paying very little for cash deposits. Here’s what you can do with your cash to earn a lot more without taking on much risk.

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High Rates are Good! Thumbnail

High Rates are Good!

Yes, the prices of stocks and bonds are down YTD in 2022. By a lot. However, yields are also up, by a lot, more than offsetting the drop in value. The net effect is that expected annual income is currently higher than it was at year-end 2021 for both stocks and bonds! You will have more income in retirement, not less.

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