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Tax and Financial Planning

Our tax and financial planning services are customizable to fit your particular needs. Typically, this includes the creation of an initial financial plan and yearly plan check-ups. Tax return preparation and filing may be included. Our goal is to proactively provide value-added advice that will save you on taxes, increase your sense of financial security, and offer ongoing counsel regarding many subjects, including Social Security, Medicare, retirement, insurance, and estate planning.

  • Initial Creation of Financial Plan
    • Gathering information about your situation and goals
    • Projecting your future cash flows (typically in retirement)
    • Evaluating your need for insurance and estate planning
    • Recommending action items
  • Yearly Check-Ups
    • Confirming and updating the plan as necessary
    • Updating action items, possibly including:
      • Roth conversions
      • Charitable giving
      • Income acceleration or deferral
  • Tax Return Preparation and Filing

For more information, contact Ann Means, EA at 267-714-6314 or Ann@SapientInv.com