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Memorial Day Thumbnail

Memorial Day

SummaryFrom IMDb: “Memorial Day, 1993. When 13-year-old Kyle Vogel discovers the World War II footlocker belonging to his grandfather, Bud, everyone tells Kyle to put it back. Luckily, he ignores them. Although Bud has never talked about the war, he finds himself striking a deal with his grandson: Kyle can pick any three souvenirs, and Bud will tell him the stories behind each one. Memorial Day not only takes us on a journey into Bud's complicated wartime past, but also into Kyle's wartime future. As the two men share parallel experiences in combat, they come to realize how that magical day on the porch shaped both of their lives.”

Why I recommend this movie. Unlike so many war/military Hollywood movies, this one does not have an anti-war, anti-military message. On the other hand, it does not glorify war either. It presents the sacrifices required of those who serve realistically. I also like the fact that it presents military service through the lens of two different generations of servicemembers. Military service often “runs in the family” with many families. In this way, I think the movie hints at one of the motivations for military service—to honor the service of older family members who have gone before us. This is not an action-packed war flick. It is more of a family drama. It reminds us that there are many things we should try to learn from our older relatives (veterans or not) before they are gone.  


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